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GHOV-77 Shion Mako Chrono Pink Ranger

GHOV-77 Shion Mako Chrono Pink Ranger

Free JAV GHOV-77 Shion Mako Chrono Pink Ranger

Chronopink Yuuka, the leader of Space-Time Sentai Chrono Ranger, is carrying out an operation to investigate the base of the dimensional criminal organization Thanatos Family! As a result, he was forced into a fierce battle with the approaching monsters and combatants. However, it was a weak enemy for Yuuka… However, Don Goluona and the Snake Monster Boan finally set out to take revenge! I was aiming for the time when the Chrono Rangers would fall apart. The strongest snake monster Boan uses his son, a snake, to surprise Chronopink Yuka. A tight snake wraps around Yuka’s nape and tightens it. Yuka faints in agony and is ironically taken away by the hideout she was searching for. He was gagged and gagged and sexually assaulted. After being severely beaten and vaginal cum shot, Yuka manages to escape and is defeated in battle again.[BAD END]